check-in & Pay for a Session

This guide shows you how to select a session and go through the check-in process, where you pay and sign disclaimers for you (and your children).


If you're wondering how to get to the tribe you want to check-in to, see the guide here.

2- Select a Session

Tap on the date in the calendar to see a list of sessions that are happening on this day.

Scroll down to see the session list and tap the session you want to check-in to.

3- Check-in to the session

Tap 'TAP TO CHECK-IN' to start the check-in process.

Tap the users in the list to select who you want to check-in - if you need to check-in children or minors that you're responsible for, tap 'ADD CHILD/MINOR'.

The 'NEXT STEP' button will unlock once you've selected who you want to check-in.

4- Complete your documents

Many parks, resorts and facilities require you acknowledge notices and sign disclaimers before entering.

Tap 'SIGN' to view and sign each document for yourself (and the children / minors you are responsible for).

The 'NEXT STEP' button will unlock once you've signed all the documents you need to.


Check the 'ITEMS' and 'AMOUNT' section and make sure this is as expected.

Enter your card details and tap 'SUBMIT PAYMENT'. In the near future we will be adding other payment methods to make things quicker.

If there are any issues submitting a payment that you can't resolve yourself (such as a declined card), then please get in contact here.

6- You're checked in!

The green check-in confirmation page indicates a successful check-in.

All you need to do now is turn up to the session, show staff this confirmation page, and they'll know you're good to go!
That's it - if you have any issues, please contact support.