Add Children / Minors to your account

This guide shows you how to add a child / minor to your account, so you can check-in and pay on their behalf.

1- Confirm you have an adult account

If you have previously set-up an account for your child using your own email address, you may have a child account.

The way to confirm this is by checking your date-of-birth, and updating it if necessary.

Tap 'ME' on the bottom navigation bar to view your profile, then tap the menu icon and select 'EDIT USER'.

Tap on the date-of-birth field to edit it and then tap 'CONFIRM'.

2- Start the check-in process

Find the session you want to check-in to and tap 'TAP TO CHECK-IN'.

If you need help finding a session and checking-in, see the full guide here.


Tap 'ADD CHILD/MINOR' from the first check-in step that appears.

If your child has their own Podium account, you can tap 'ADD CHILD' in the 'WITH PODIUM ACCOUNTS' section at the top.

If your child does not have a Podium account, or does not have their own email address, you can enter their full legal name in the 'NAME' field and set their 'DATE OF BIRTH' in the 'WITHOUT PODIUM ACCOUNTS' section at the bottom, and then tap 'ADD CHILD'.

Tap 'CONFIRM' on the bottom bar to return to the previous screen.

If you have issues accessing this tool, please see Step 1 above, or contact support here.

4- continue check-in

You should now see the children / minors you added on the check-in screen, where you can tap on their name to select or deselect them.
That's it - if you have any issues, please contact support.