I am really excited about the prospect of using Podium to engage with my club members and facilitate them engaging with each other about group rides! - I also see real potential in developing biking communities on behalf of clients such as local authority health and leisure.


As Head Coach of Live Biking, Ollie serves schools, local authorities and private groups, and also heads-up the 60 member strong Samsara Bike Club. Visit to find out more.

Manage sessions with ease

It's not easy getting 10, 20, or worse still, 200 people together for a session, but Podium makes it a breeze.

Once you've downloaded the app, mark the calendar with your upcoming sessions and then hit the share button. All of your members will be invited, Podium will make sure they're reminded, and you'll know if they're turning up!

The more the merrier

Grow your members by setting your club as 'public' and Podium will make sure locals know you're open for business. Your club will appear on the feed and joining is just a tap away.


Improve safety

Are you a man down? We've all been there, it's not fun. Podium can keep track of the last known location of everyone in your group and help you hunt them down!

No more herding cats

Getting everyone together for a session is like herding cats - no more. Create a tribe, invite your buddies and let Podium ensure you get the best possible turnout for each and every session.

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